The Calm Birth Kit brings together a collection of items that can help the body and mind to remain calm in the run-up to, and during childbirth. 

The kit contains -

1 bar of Tony's Chocolonley milk chocolate

1 bar of Tony's Chocolonley dark chocolate

1 homemade lavender pouch

100g pack of organic dates in a home compostable packet

3 chamomile Teapig temples

2 affirmation cards***

1 information guide on how to use the products effectively


Our bodies know how to give birth, but during childbirth, we often find ourselves feeling anxious and unrelaxed. These feelings can cause the body to release the wrong hormones. When this happens, our bodies can then struggle with giving birth. By combining these items, you are helping your body to release oxytocin, you are helping your mind and body to feel relaxed, and calm, which will encourage the body to do what it needs to do.


These kits can be used for all types of labour, from vaginal to c-section to home birth. They are adaptable to your situation!*


I have created this kit in the most Eco-friendly way possible. The box is plastic-free, the dates packet and the tea bags are compostable, and the lavender pouch is made using second-hand materials**, and lavender which is grown right here in the UK.


*Every labor is different, what works for one Mama, won't work for all. This kit is designed to aid in releasing the right hormones and to help to relax the body.  


**Due to the use of second-hand material, we are not currently able to offer the option to select a pattern. Where possible, options will be added, and if there is something you would like to request feel free to get in touch. There may be occasional instances where the materials aren't second-hand, but this won't affect the cost. 


***Please state if you would like the affirmation cards written out, or leaving blank under the personalisation option. 

The Calm Birth Kit

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