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Updated: Mar 23, 2021


The cast of You're The Worst. Google Images

Warning - This blog contains spoilers.

For me to like a TV show, I have to Love the characters. I have to want them in my life; I have to want them to succeed. If I feel like I have a bond with them, then I’m hooked. And I don’t necessarily mean I have to relate to them. Think about it – you don’t always “relate” to your best friends. Sure, it’s important to have something in common, but I don’t always think that’s essential. You can love them based on a whole bunch of things!

A few weeks ago, my husband said to me that he had a show he wanted to watch called You're The Worst but he didn’t think I would like it because it was about “bad people coming together” and I rarely love baddies.

We watched the entire first season in one night. I loved every second of it. A few days later, we watched the entire second season in one night, and right now, I’m eagerly awaiting a third season.

The show centers around 4 friends – Jimmy, the self centered writer; Edgar, an Iraq war veteran with PTSD; Gretchen, a cynical music PR exec and Lindsay, a ditsy but lovable housewife.

These four are the “worst” that the title refers to but in some ways, they are the best. It’s actually the supporting characters that I feel are the worst. You see these four are mostly just brutally honest, and a bit mean, and in actual fact, they have fierce love and understanding of each other, and are just looking for a place in the world where they fit in.

Jimmy doesn’t want love. He wants people to sing his praises, to feel the appreciation he never felt at home. He wants people to bow down to him. He doesn’t want friends, he wants followers.

Gretchen doesn’t want love either. In fact, she hates just about everything but drinking and the occasional snort of cocaine. She doesn’t want responsibility, she just wants to be left alone, so she can party when she wants and sleep when she wants.

Edgar does want love. He wants love so much, that he does anything for anyone. He doesn’t want to look after himself, even though he clearly needs it. Instead, he wants to look after those around him.

Lindsay wants to be happily married, a responsible grown up, a house wife. She’s living the dream, married the geeky Paul, what more could she want?

These are the first impressions of them. As the show goes on though, these characters have so much growth! That’s what I love about them. You can see almost straight away that there is more to what’s on the surface.

Jimmy and Gretchen form an almost beautiful, albeit brutally honest and very strange relationship, something that I think they needed all along. Who new this man could love anyone but himself? Who knew she could commit to someone else?

On the other side of these friendships, it turns out the Lindsay is terribly unhappy in her marriage. She wants to be free, and although she doesn’t handle it all that well – repeatedly cheating on her husband, and then attempting to impregnate herself, in the craziest way possible, so he will come back to her – I found myself constantly willing her to come clean and leave! I can’t pin point why, but I love this character so much. She’s quirky and has no shame at all, and can in fact be a little mean, and I’m not even sure her heart is always in the right place, and yet  I can’t stop myself from quoting her. Out of the four of them, she is probably the worst, and whilst the other characters seem to grow up, she seems to have a downward spiral. I have high hopes for her in the next season!

Edgar is the only character who’s growth seems to come out of nowhere towards the second season, when he realizes, much to Jimmy’s disappointment, that there is more to life than Jimmy! When he finally finds something he is passionate about, and along with it, someone who loves him for who he is and doesn’t feel the need to make fun of him.

Yes, these four are lovable although they might not sound it. In fact, when they do actually do something bad – for example, dropping frozen yogurt on the floor on the floor of a store, and walking out – you’re actually a bit shocked, because you forget that they have it in them.

In the second season, the show took a drastic turn, and I really feel that Aya Cash, A.K.A Gretchen, should be very proud of herself. As it turns out, our main girl is a manic depressive, and her portrayal of it was so good, it was painful. I kept expecting that she would just snap out of her downward spiral, and then one day she’s standing in front of Jimmy trying to get it through to him, that he can’t just fix her with a Sunday Funday (a term that I immediately adopted), because she doesn’t feel anything. She just feels empty. I was close to tears, as I felt my own anxiety start rise in my throat. A very moving few episodes indeed. Although it did end with her crying into Jimmy’s chest in a fort on the living room floor, and the next morning she was fixed. That was a little less realistic, but I’m sure she just meant the worst was over.

You’re The Worst is less about horrible people coming together, and more about slightly mean people finding the ones they need to support them through difficult times. I’m not saying these people are angels, far from it. But they aren’t really lying – except for sometimes – or deceiving, they aren’t harmful or abusive, in fact next to the supporting characters they almost look normal!

I don’t think I would recommend it those that are easily offended, but maybe to those that want a good laugh and enjoy gasping at some of the awkward things the characters get up to. Also, I don’t think it’s for children!

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