Wuthering Heights - Book Review

Title: Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Bronte

Page count: 416

Read dates: 06/06/20-27/06/20

My thoughts - I was really excited to read this. It has the reputation of being this tragic love story, set on creepy moors.

Well, I hate to say it but I was pretty disappointed. The moors are seldom mentioned, and there is one creepy aspiration of Cathy, which Is never really explained. The characters are horrid, and horrible to each other so it's a bit hard to see it as tragic because I feel like they all kind of bring it on themselves.

The story itself was pretty interesting, but I wouldn't say that Heathcliffe gets his revenge, he just makes everyone miserable until he dies.

Maybe I just didn't get it, but I feel like I am pretty good at reading classic texts, it definitely wasn't what i was expecting.

My rating - 2/5

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