Wut R Werds?

I had hoped by this point I’d be well on my way to finishing what is currently being called “chapter 1”. My chapter about the modernised remake. I through myself into the research, and really enjoyed it. I watched Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Dawn of the Dead (2004) and really enjoyed reading about the social anxieties and cultural contexts that both films portray. It was refreshing, having always loved the original Dawn of the Dead, and having researched it in depth when I wrote my dissertation, to refamiliarise myself with it.

It some becamse apparent however, that I seem to have spent my three years at university pretending to understand the likes of post-modernism, Marxism and the various other “isms” often applied in film theory. I feel like looking back, I always quite bad at “studying” but now I seem to have a better rhythm, perhaps because I’m going at my own pace, and getting to talk myself through it without having to answer to anyone else. Let’s just say I now have a better understanding of all of the “isms”.

I also made a start on watching my way through my film list. Dawn of the Dead is my main case study for this chapter, but I needed other films to use as points of reference or comparisson. We’ve started with The Fly (1958 and 1986) and so far haven’t watched another.

At this point, I thought I was ready to go ahead and start writing. Here’s what happened…


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Okay, maybe not quite that extreme. I was typing sentences that felt so disconnected. I kept thinking that it was fine, it was just a first draft and I’ll improve it when I edit it. Then I thought NO. It’s terrible. Really terrible. And I hit the delete button. On the whole chapter. I went back to my research, and I’m currently trying to collate it into some form of useful order, and I’m re-writing my chapter plan.

So my lesson learned this month is to make sure my research is in order before I start typing, and that my plan is more than just a few bullet points outlinng what each paragraph is going to be about!

Till next time, wish me luck…

Original word count – 9000

Original chapters – 4

New words written -1976 (making a total of 10,976) (I did write some, but then I deleted them. So 0 words have actually be written)

New chapters written – 0

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