Why I Started My Own Magazine Dedicated to Elevating Female Voices – Emily King

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Why I Started My Own Magazine Dedicated to Elevating Female Voices

The C Word Mag – Art by Emily King

Emily King. Photo provided by Emily.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many that I, like so many others, started a side hustle during the first coronavirus lockdown. I say hustle, but mine was more of a passion project.

But why did I feel the need to jump in and start my own magazine? Honestly, I can’t remember the exact idea taking shape, all I know is, I was a bit bored and locked down with my parents in Bristol.

In my brain, I thought ‘well, I have always loved writing, but never pursued it as a career, maybe I can make this my hobby?’ I kept coming back to this thought that there are so many women in the world with great stories, I mean truly great, interesting, fully-formed stories about all sorts of things – both intensely personal and at times utterly ridiculous. So having a background in marketing, a qualification in graphic design and a little bit of social media experience, I thought, why not? I knew from the get-go that I wanted the website to not only host great writing, but spotlight female artists, poets, photographers, authors, singers, musicians, entrepreneurs and more of the ’taboo’ subjects of society, and especially in relation to women’s lived experiences. I hadn’t come across a platform where all these stories and spotlights existed in one place. Or at least, I’d never actively engaged with a platform like that, so, when I decided to create the platform myself I knew how I wanted it to look and feel.

I doodled for a few hours in my note pad coming up with logo designs, and then spent another few hours putting my doodles onto the computer. After choosing the logo and colour scheme, I built the website and then just started writing and sharing my own work and asking for contributors in the few avenues I did have and through friends and family. Here we are 8 months later with over 30 writers from all over the world creating features about a diverse and interesting array of subjects. I still can’t believe it!

For 2021, the mission is to keep growing. Keep spreading the word, keep talking about subjects that are often neglected or frowned upon, keep breaking down rules and trying to subvert norms. We always want more writers as it means more voices, and we always want more readers as it means more stories are heard and those people writing them can feel listened to. I am starting a crowdfunding page on 10th January as currently we make no money and it’s SUPER important to me to be able to pay the women who have contributed to making the site so great – this is definitely a big focus for this year. I’ll be praying to the money gods every night!

By Emily King

Find the C Word Mag at https://www.thecwordmag.co.uk/

Help the C Word raise funds to continue their fantastic work at

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