Top Ten Plastic Polluters - Nestle

Last year I decided to take on the top ten plastic polluters (alongside the top ten palm oil users) I spent months researching them, and then started emailing them monthly to demand they make changes. Not a single one (okay, maybe one) seemed to care. I gave up pretty quickly, because I didn’t feel that I alone could make a difference. I actively started boycotting/avoiding those companies as a result.

Now seems like a better time than ever to share my research – which is generally easy to find – and the responses I received.

What we need to understand is that buying from these companies, even just a little bit, is helping to line the pockets of those that are helping to destroy our home.

My original intention was to make this one single, ongoing blog post that I updated with a new company as I go on, however I have found that some of these companies are absolutely evil, while some genuinely seem to be trying to make a difference, and while they do create environmental damage, they don't all fall under the evil umbrella so I have decided to separate the posts, so each has its own vibe. You will find links to all of the other blogs here though.

  1. Coca-Cola

  2. Nestle

  3. Pepsi

  4. Mondelaz International

  5. Unilever

  6. Mars

  7. P&G

  8. Colgate-Palmolive

  9. Phillip Morris International

  10. Perfetetti Van Melle

Coming in at number two on this list is Nestle. I was horrified to discover that Nestle owns over 2000 brands, including the retail side of Starbucks! They are the largest manufacturer of bottled water in the world, and they make around £91 billion a year.

Just some of the brands Nestle owns. Created prior to rebranding, credit Ashleigh Nicole

While they have recently brought in a coffee pod recycling scheme, for a company with such bad plastic pollution – and let’s face it, no morals at all – this is green washing at its best.

With 98% of their products being packaged in the plastic, and creating 95000 tonnes of plastic pollution per year, there are some pretty shocking statistics. It might not seem as bad as Coca-Cola, however this company also has a history of going from one scandal to the next.

If their plastic pollution isn’t enough to turn you away, then how about theft of water from areas that already suffer from severe droughts, unnecessary animal testing, or the dreadful baby formula pushed onto vulnerable mothers in vulnerable areas of the world?


Because Nestle sell so many different brands, it’s harder to suggest alternatives. Here is a good site offering suggestions of alternatives, but also a good list of brands to boycott!

Below you will find a copy of the email that I sent to Nestle. If you are wanting to send your email, please feel free to use this as a template. I would send it to as this the address that responded to my email. The response I received was very vague, and concentrated on their use of plastic packaging. Please do let me know if you email them.

Download DOCX • 13KB

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