The Sunflower - A Short Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

A Sunflower
Photo Credit - Ashleigh Nicole

Once upon a time, there was enchanted forest filled with beautiful things. There were trees so tall they could talk to the clouds; flowers that could sing with the voices of angels;  a stream so clear that some thought you could see your own destiny in it; little butterflies that would fly from being to being passing on messages of love; and all sorts of other little creatures, each more beautiful and interesting than the next.

The queen of the enchanted forest was a tall, proud Sunflower. She was kind, and beautiful. Her light touched each corner of the forest; it sailed to the top of the tallest tree and made everyone feel warm, happy and loved.

One sad day, the light in the forest went out. Even though the creatures of the forest expected it – because even the most enchanted of creatures must leave us –  the darkness still shocked them, and brought a great sorrow to their hearts.

Suddenly they could not see their destiny in the clear stream; the flowers did not sing, but could only weep; the butterflies no longer passed messages of love, but of sadness; and the trees were no longer tall enough to talk to the clouds because in their sorrow they had started to slouch.

So absorbed in their pain they had not realized the depths of the darkness around them. It was starting to engulf them, to change them and suddenly they knew if they didn’t make a change, the light would be gone forever.

“How do we bring back the light, without the Queen?” They asked themselves over and over. Many of the creatures in the forest didn’t think it was possible. They couldn’t replace her; not even the sunflowers directly descended from her could take her place. She was just too wonderful, too brilliant.

Then one day, an idea came to them. Maybe they didn’t need to replace the queen, maybe they didn’t need a new queen at all. Could they themselves not bring back the light, by remembering her? If they were to continue sharing her love, could they not bring back the joy?

And so this is what they did. To the new generations of the forest, they told her story; The butterflies started to spread messages of joy and love again; the trees started to stand tall once more; the flowers started to sing again and the stream was once again, clear. Slowly but surely the light came back, and even though it would never shine as bright, it still reached the top of the tallest tree and touched every corner of the forest.

No matter how many years passed, the enchanted forest never forgot their beloved queen and the light never shone quite as bright. But they understood that she would never be gone, as long as they worked together to keep her alive within themselves.

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