The Woman in Black - Book Review

Title - The Woman and Black and Other Ghost Stories

Author - Susan Hill

Page Count - 416

Read Dates - 01.10.2019-16.12.2019

May contain Spoilers

The cover of the woman in and black, and other stories by Susan Hill. The cover is black with green imagery on, the image depicts a carriage going over a causeway at night, lit by a full moon

Synopsis - A collection of short horror stories

My thoughts -

The Woman In Black - This tense, and atmospheric story is my favorite in the collection. It's not the first time I've read this one, and I really enjoyed it, a lot more this second time around. It can, in places be quite upsetting, but mostly it's very chilling. A solid 5/5

Dolly - Again, I've read this one before, and I think I enjoyed it more the first time. It's very unsettling and creepy, with a good plot twist. No one likes those creepy, scratchy noises that are typical of supernatural stories, so the rustling of paper that can be heard throughout sends chills down the spine. 4/5

The Man in the Picture - The concept of this one was good, but overall the story and lack of explanation at the end left it feeling a bit disappointing, and a bit weak. 3/5

Devil's Printer Court - This one was very creepy and sparked an interesting conversation with my husband based on the terms and conditions that the characters must agree to before hearing their friend's proposition. Overall I found it quite thought-provoking. 4/5

The Small Hand - I felt this started well, but ultimately it fell flat especially compared to the other stories. 2/5

Overall I would give this collection a 4/5 and it has certainly made me want to read other Susan Hill works.

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