The Testaments - Book Review

Title - The Testaments

Author - Margaret Atwood

Page Count - 422

Read Dates - 19.04.20-15.05.20

Synopsis - The tale of rise and fall of Gilead, told through the eyes of Aunt Lydia, Agnes, and Daisy.

May contain spoilers

My thoughts - I love The Handmaids Tale, so when this came out I was desperate to read it.

I actually think I enjoyed this one more. As much as I loved the first book, I felt constantly frustrated by the role women appeared to play in this bizarre and terrifying future.

What this book does is give us some insight first of all into how it started, and that it was essentially a kill or be killed kind of situation, but more importantly, how it fell.

In the first book, we come to hate Aunt Lydia with a passion so I was delighted to see that she actually played a huge role in the fall of this awful new world.

I also really enjoyed the perspectives of the two girls, Agnes and Daisy one in Canada unaware that she's actually the child that went missing from Gilead years before, and one in Gilead, unaware of her connection to the other. I was at first confused by the timeline until I realized that they are of different ages. And while the book tries to be vague about whether or not their mother is June, we of course all know that she is!

My rating - 5/5

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