The Taking of Annie Thorne - Booke Review

Title: The Taking of Annie Thorne

Author: C J Tudor

Page count: 432

Read dates: 12/08/20 - 19/08/20

Synopsis - Joe returns to his childhood home, to take revenge on Stephen Hurst, an old friend who murdered his sister. Once he's there, he uncovers more than he bargained for.

My thoughts - To compare this to the work of Stephen King is very generous. It's got a good plot, and there are a couple of chilling parts, but the story is quite a letdown. A combination of It (the creepy town where everyone feels it's wrong but ignores it) and Pet Sematary (die in a certain place, and come back dark and unnatural.) with a creepy doll added into the mix, which doesn't actually serve much purpose.

I actually think the synopsis is a bit misleading, as Annie doesn't actually go missing, Joe knows where she is all along. We never find out why the pit does what it does either. The twists were interesting, especially that it was Marie who actually killed Annie.

The inclusion of the gambling and the shoot-out at the end seemed a bit unnecessary, and none of the characters were particularly likable.

My rating - 2/5

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