The Rural Diaries

Title - The Rural Diaries

Author - Hilarie Burton-Morgan

Page Count - 272

Read Dates - 15.05.20-26.05.20

Synopsis - HBM's memoir and a love letter to her family, her farm, and her town.

May contain spoilers

My thoughts - If it's possible to fall in love with a book, then I did with this one. I devoured this beautifully written memoir.

I love to share the story of how I came to own this book. Like many, I fell in love with Burton as she played Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill., I've followed her on social media for years, and loved what I've seen, so when I saw she was releasing a memoir, I had to pre-order it. Off to Amazon (boo!) I went! When it arrived, I very quickly finished the book I was reading, so I could dive into this one. I read it pretty quickly, for me anyway. Not long after I'd read it, I saw on Instagram that you could buy the book from her local bookstore, and they shipped worldwide. Not only that but they were signed copies. I couldn't not buy it. I went onto their website, but I couldn't find it, and desperately I tried to figure out how to buy it. Then I realized I had to email them to put my order in, and so I did! It took a couple of months to arrive, but when it did, I felt so happy. I had supported her local bookstore, it was signed, and it was a first edition! I then passed my original copy on to my sister, who passed it onto a friend, and hopefully, it will make many others happy.


Reading this book, I felt like she was speaking directly to my soul, which sounds ridiculous but it was soothing, and it was like it was written just for me. I felt like I Was reading something a close personal friend would write. She opens up her life, and some of the most painful memories she has, for us all to read. That's something incredibly personal to share with the world.

I was thrilled to see it mentions very little of One Tree Hill - even though I of course wanted to read all about it - because it's not meant to be about every aspect of her life, but rather her personal life.

When she described giving birth, I felt like I was there with her, and having given birth recently when I had read it, I particularly felt that connection to her.

When she writes she selects gorgeous words, and I hope more books will come from this brilliant woman's brain. The inclusion of her own tried and tested recipes, tips, and advice are such a nice touch - I've made her magic potion and will be making her dandelion wine this year.

She is able to do something incredible and that is she is able to show us a beautiful life, even though it's been filled with heartache. I haven't stopped thinking about it!

Also, someone better get me to Rhinebeck, New York, like right now.

My rating - 5/5

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