The Long Walk

Title - The Long Walk

Author - Stephen King (Richard Bachman)

Page Count - 370

Read Dates - 23.05.20-6.06.20

Synopsis - The Long Walk is an annual activity where one hundred teenage boys must walk without rest, without going over four miles per hour.

May contain spoilers

My thoughts - This book made me feel physical pain! I questioned myself a lot throughout, and I felt weak as I am certain I wouldn't get very far in The Long Walk. although I also like to think I would prepare myself well.

Reading this during a pandemic also made me feel very uncomfortable because the main character, Ray Garity, is constantly surrounded by other people.

It covers many uncomfortable topics and made a very interesting read. I felt really invested in the progress of the walkers and really wanted Ray to win.

Although I found this interesting, and gripping, I also felt like I wanted to know more. Why are they walking? What happened after the walk? Why is Ray, or any of them for that matter, walking?

My -rating 3/5

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