The City Of Girls - Book Review

Title: The City Of Girls

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

Page count: 512

Read dates: 23/02/21-12/03/21

Synopsis - When Vivian is kicked out of her college, her parents send her to live in New York City in an old theatre with her Aunt. Here, she lives the high life by night and works hard by day, but it all comes crashing down on her, and she learns some hard life lessons, as she retells her life to a young girl who is simply asking - what were you to my father?

My thoughts - I loved everything about this book. The narrative, the drama, the language, the setting, the characters! This is the sort of book that I like to think of as delicious - I devour each page, and the language lingers in my head my weeks and months after. As someone who has recently taken up sewing and is hoping to make clothes (just for us, I don't have any sort of plans to do it professionally) I find myself reliving the story in my head many times as I sit over my sewing machine.

Viv, oh Viv, what a character. She's moved into the special place in my heart reserved for literary characters that really mean something to me - like my literary family. We're all young at some point, and even with the best intentions, we make mistakes. It's how we learn. When she inadvertently destroys the life she loves so much, I wanted to hold her and comfort her. She escapes back home, only to find herself empty, and sinking. Haven't we all felt like that at some point?

When her Aunt arrived to take her back to New York City, her real home, I was overjoyed! Even though I am very much living a "traditional" (hate that term, but it fits here) life that I love, I love that Viv never settles down into that. I love how she matures, and where her life leads, owning a wedding dress boutique with Marjory and being exactly who she wants to be.

The best part of course - she proved Edna wrong, without even trying. If you know, you know.

My rating - 5/5

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