Strange Ink - Book Review

Title: Strange Ink

Author: Gary Kemble

Page count: 400

Read dates: 15/01/21-31/01/21

Synopsis - Harry wakes up to find he has a strange tattoo on his neck. At first, he assumes he's gone out and gotten it when he was drunk, but as more start to appear, he realizes that they are materializing after having strange nightmares, and he must piece them together to figure out what is becoming of him.

My thoughts - This was okay. The writing style kept taking me back to The Taking of Annie Thorne but the story was more interesting.

I wouldn't read it again, I felt that while the story was good, and was interested to know what these tattoos were, I didn't feel that an awful lot happened, and I also felt that the ending was really rushed.

My rating - 2/5

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