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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

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Sirenis Seaview Country Club Hotel - Photo Credit Ashleigh Nicole

It’s been 10 years since my husband and I went our first holiday abroad. Since then, we’ve been away to about 15/16 different places, both abroad and in this country.

This year, we went away as a group of 10 – us and our little boy; my sister, her husband and their two little boys; and two of our best friends and their little boy. 4 kids, aged four and under! We’ve repeatedly been told that we’re brave, but it turns out the right combination of adults, and the right destination, makes for the perfect holiday!

It took a little bit of deliberation before we settled. After all, that’s 4 kids on different schedules, going through different developmental stages, and we needed something to suit everyone. We somehow eventually settled on a holiday village in Ibiza.

The holiday village in question, located in Port Des Torrent, is also known as the Sirenis Seaview Country Club. We had been looking at it under the name of Holiday Village Seaview Ibiza and because of this, it took me a little whilst to realize that we’ve been there before – ten years ago, on our first holiday abroad! Only now, they’ve had a massive revamp and turned it into what I can only describe as a family paradise!

I’m not going to lie, between what I feel is unfair amount of bad online reviews, and remembering it as the quite basic hotel it was all them years ago, I was worried that we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves. I’m happy to say I was proven very much wrong!

Here’s my full review.

The Room

We stayed in a 1 bedroom apartment in the Geranium Block. It was located on the top floor, and had the most amazing pool and sea-view, it was really stunning.

I’ll start off by saying that the room was spacious, clean, well equipped. You enter into a large open plan kitchen and living area. The kitchen has a hob, microwave, kettle and fridge, as well as a few extras such as cups and saucers. There is a big breakfast bar that separates the room up nicely. In the living area is the large couch which folds out into a bed, a coffee table, and TV, plus the first set of doors to the double balcony.

In the living area, you go through a door into a sort of dressing room/vanity area with hairdryer, sink, and mirrors. This also leads to the bathroom and bedroom.

The bathroom has an easy to use shower and bath, and toilet, plus towels. Ours actually really big, probably bigger than it needed to be. The bedroom is also pretty spacious, with plenty of storage space, a bedside table and bedside light each, and a bed made up of two single beds pushed together. It felt like a huge bed though, so I do wonder if they were bigger than standard singles. There is also a full length mirror, another TV and the second set of doors to the double balcony.

On the balcony, we had two sun-loungers, a table and four chairs, and a clothes rack. For a room that we primarily slept in, we couldn’t ask for more. The website does state that children under two automatically are provided with a cot, and I must say there wasn’t one in there when we got there, but a quick word with reception, and one appeared as if by magic when I was in the shower! It went in front of the breakfast bar, and so the living room became the little one’s room!

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Sirenis Seaview Country Club Hotel - Photo credit - Ashleigh Nicole

The Food & Drink

For us, all inclusive seemed like the obvious choice. Stick a wrist band on us, and off we go to the buffet!

There are bars a-plenty – the main indoor bar, a small manned bar in the main restaurant, two by the main pool and one at the infinity pool.

The main restaurant is the buffet, and there is a snack bar by the pool that is also set up like a buffet come lunch time. I couldn’t complain about the food at all. There was plenty of choice for both the kids and the adults. Each night had a different theme with a free cocktail to come with it. There would be a selection of hot and cold foods, and dessert table. It was great, as in other all inclusive, I’ve often felt like I was eating the same thing every night, but not here. There was such a great variation. You also had the option to sit out overlooking the sea on the little sun terrace, which made the chaos if the inside feel tranquil and peaceful as you ate. We ate breakfast most mornings out there.

Whilst the food wasn’t piping hot, I hadn’t expected it to be. It is a buffet after all. The staff clearly work hard to keep it clean and tidy, and to make sure the food is replenished as fast as possible.

There are three other themed restaurants, two of which we ate at. These are al a carte, rather than buffet. They have Big Wave, which is the American Diner. We didn’t eat here, so I can’t comment, although if it’s anything like the rest the eateries, I’m sure it would be lovely! There is also Cinecittà (Italian) and SunSet Beach (Grill).

We did eat at these two. Again, these are included in the all inclusive. The SunSet Beach is within the hotel and overlooks the sea. It sells, as I’m sure you can imagine from the title, food from the grill – steaks, ribs, chicken breast, etc. It delicious, the views were perfect, and the apparent bottomless cava was gratefully welcomed. I will say though that it didn’t offer a great choice for kids.

The Italian is located over the road from the hotel, and whilst the view wasn’t amazing – it was the hotel and the water park – the kids choices were much better. The service was a little bit slower at this one, but I couldn’t really fault it in all honesty. It was great to have a couple of nights where we sat down, chaos free – well, actually, at the Grill, all of the kids were having an off night, so that wasn’t so much chaos free as we would have liked!

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Sirenis Seaview Country Club Hotel - Photo Credit - Ashleigh Nicole

Swimming pools & Beach

The hotel has one big, main pool, with a smaller kids pool on the same site. It has it’s own water park, complete with big, scary water slides and splash pad. And a beautiful infinity pool. Now, all of these did come with cold water, but to be honest this didn’t really bother any of us that much. The kids were having so much fun that they didn’t really care till they noticed they were shivering. And the adults didn’t have to spend too much time submerged in cold water, because the kids were better in the shallow pools.

We spent most of our time as a big group, in the water park which was loads of fun. The pools were all clean, and the chlorine wasn’t overpowering, which I think is particularly good when you have kids.

There was pool side entertainment and activities from the reps, although we didn’t join in any of it. I did watch some of it in fascination, however. I have best friend who used to be a Thompson rep, and I honestly don’t know how any of them do it! They were constantly on the go, and always smiling!

A short walk from the hotel – literally through the car park – you will find a gorgeous beach. There are few bars and restaurants dotted a along it too. So if you fancy a day away from the pool, the beach is a good shout, we had a day there and really enjoyed ourselves.

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Sirenis Seaview Country Club Hotel - Photo credit, Ashleigh Nicole


The hotel itself was brilliant. It was clean, the food was delicious, and there was plenty to choose from in the bar. The staff were very nice, and everyone just seemed to be on the go constantly.

There is a small kids park, which was great on an evening after dinner, to tired the kids out. There’s also a kids club which looked great, but we didn’t make use of. Alongside this, there are sports courts, and adventure playground, and lots of day to day activities.

The location is gorgeous. I remembered it being really far away, but we had lots of stops at different hotels the first time we went. This time there was only a few so it didn’t seem as bad.

We had a day trip out one day, and got the sea taxi to San Antonio which was a lovely idea. It’s pretty cheap and easy to do, you get the taxi from the beach next to the hotel so you haven’t got far to do, and the sites are beautiful.

I was very impressed to find the hotel are quite environmental, which you all know is right up my street. They don’t use straws, and the drinks come in hard plastic cups which they reuse. They encourage wise choices to prevent water wastage, and to reduce power. They even have a cool machine in reception which provides water and various juices, in jugs which refills with the correct amount.

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Sirenis Seaview Country Club Hotel - Photo credit - Ashleigh Nicole


Sirenis Seaview Country Club Hotel - Photo Credit, Ashleigh Nicole

All in all, we had an amazing holiday and I would recommend this place to everyone. We hope to go back one day, as it really did have everything we could have asked for. I couldn’t fault anything, other than the long wait to check in! Which might not have seemed as bad, if we hadn’t been delayed flying out, by 2 hours.

I now just want to take t a little bit of time to discuss how we tried to be our usual environmental selves on our holiday!

Firstly, we tried to buy as much stuff that needed, second hand. This included a few second hand clothes for ourselves from charity shops, and second hand, wooden toys and books, primarily from charity shops for our little boy.

We took metal straws, fully in preparation for the plastic straws, which it turns out aren’t used there. We took our safety razor – but our own blades – and wooden toothbrushes. I borrowed a swimsuit from my sister which I was thrilled to fit in, because I didn’t last year!

And, my personal favorite here, is my husband paid Climate Care Oxford LTD to offset the carbon from our flight!

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