Salems' Lot - Book Review

Title: Salems' Lot

Author: Stephen King

Page Count: 4863

Dates: 12.10.2021-25.11.2021

Synopsis - Ben Mears returns to the town he grew up in to write a novel, only to find himself part of a small group of people trying to destroy the evil that is slowly taking over the town.

May contain spoilers.

My thoughts - I really enjoyed this, although I think it was more disturbing than scary. Overall, it was a great story, King at his best. Saying that I did think the extra bits at the end were a bit pointless.

I found the characters likable, and I constantly wanted to know what was going to happen next.

A question I was left with was why he didn't just burn the whole town to the ground before they left?

My rating - 4 stars

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