Rosemary's Baby - Book Review

Title - Rosemary's Baby

Author - Ira Levin

Page Count - 229

Read Dates - 25.09.21-27.09.21

Synopsis - Rosemary and Guy move into a New York apartment with a creepy history. Then strange things start happening to the couple. Soon Rosemary finds herself pregnant and uncovering horrors she never dreamed of.

May contain spoilers

My thoughts - I have always been a fan of the film Rosemary's Baby so naturally, I wanted to read it to see if it was a good adaptation.

First of all, I will say it was a good adaptation - other than a few minor details - it was almost word for word.

I quite enjoyed the book as well. It was quite unsettling and in some places a bit too weird, but otherwise, I really enjoyed it. It was an easy read which is sometimes just what you need. I don't think it's one I would pick up again though.

My rating - 3/5

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