Orange Is The New Black - Book Review

Title: Orange Is The New Black

Author: Piper Kerman

Page Count: 298

Dates: 08.02.22-19.02.22

Synopsis - The true story of Piper's time in prison.

May contain spoilers.

My thoughts - As a lover of the TV series, I had wanted to read this for some time. It was a good read, but in some ways, it felt a bit pointless.

It seemed very much like white privilege having a not-so-terrible time in prison, amongst some people having a much worse time. That's not me belittling what she went through, certainly, the series depicts a much bigger struggle - understandably - but just pointing out that there isn't a lot going on that's particularly shocking or dramatic. It is good to know that her experiences brought a change in her life, and in others.

That being said, it was still enjoyable.

My rating - 3 stars

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