Lisey's Story - Book Review

Title - Lisey's Story

Author - Stephen King

Page Count - 667

Read Dates - 1/05/21-31/05/21

Synopsis - Lisey, the wife of a deceased famous author, is plagued by people who want her husband's unpublished works. An incident with one such person leads to her revisiting her past, and as a result, going to a place far beyond the imagination, lead there by the voice of her late husband, Scott.

My thoughts - I am sad to say that I was quite disappointed by this one. It's been on my shelves for quite some time, and I finally picked it up as part of an Instagram read-a-long.

The first 100 pages were difficult, I spent a lot of the time thinking about what is going on. Then it got good, and we started to actually learn a little about Lisey and Scott. Once she was attacked by Zack though, I felt it really stalled again.

I enjoyed finding out the different parts of Lisey's past, and how it all connected to what was going on, but I didn't like how she kept coming in and out of it. Present-day Lisey remembers one thing, but then she needs to go back further, so goes on to remember something from earlier or Scott's childhood. It was a bit like Inception but memories instead of dreams. I found the stop starting really boring.

The ending was quite good though.

My rating - 2/5

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