Canada to New York City - Travel Review

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I’ve had some Wifi problems since returning to New York, which is why this is appearing late. I’m currently in the hotel lobby on my phone. We have to pay for wifi in our room!

We’ve been in New York for about  week. Last you heard, we were en-route to Canada. That was a brilliant little 4 day excursion. We were on coach travelling all over with such a vast array of people – Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Philippine, German… We were the only British ones on the coach! It was great though to meet so many different people.

The coach itself got uncomfortable quickly. We spent the nights in a range of surprisingly nice hotels, mostly travel lodges. I was expecting really low quality rooms but they were really nice, all fully equipped.

We went all over as well, from Niagara Falls to Montreal, and lots of places in between.

Each place had a tall tower that we got to go to the top of, and we even had lunch on one that rotated. It didn’t stop at Canada either, once we crossed back over into New York we had a few stops too!

It was definitely worth the discomfort of the coach, something that was made worse by the fact that we couldn’t use the loo! The reasoning behind this was that we would practically be living on the bus for 4 days… she did the maths, it added up to a really bad smell.

However this did mean regular toilet stops, which also meant we got to stretch our legs!

As seen as I’m rather uncomfortably hunched over my phone, I’ll leave it there for now!

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