How To Have An Eco Friendly Halloween

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Now that we are into spooky season, I thought it was a good idea to share some top tips about having a more environmental Halloween!

A wooden celebration ring with two lighted candles, a pumpkin candle holder, sitting on a wooden table top
Our celebration ring, used yearly. Photo credit - Ashleigh Nicole

1. Reusable Decor – Its only natural to gravitate towards the Halloween Isle of BnM to fill your basket with scary goods to shroud your house/place of work in. It’s worth trying to buy reusable decor, something that will last for years to come that you can box up and pop in the loft, and look forward to seeing the following year. We decorate a celebration ring each year! You can also make your own (we are going to be doing some Halloween crafts with the children this year, to make some pictures to decorate with) or if even renting decor! For extra green-credit, avoid glitter, single-use plastic, and tinsel. Also, if you do need to dispose of any decor, please first consider if you can do anything with it like using it for a craft project, or if you can donate it. If not, please check the recycling guidelines before popping it in any of your bins!

2. Costumes – when it comes to dressing up, there are more and more things you can do to help the environment. A big one here is rental, which is also comes with the bonus of not having to store the costume yourself! Other options to consider include borrowing – especially if it's for children as they are unlikely to wear this repeatedly – or making your own. If you do need to buy anything, I would recommend following the same rules as buying decor. A fantastic place to find costumes is also your local charity shop! Who doesn’t love a good charity shop bargain??

3. Trick or treat – well, treat in this case! Everyone loves a treat, but at Halloween we do seem to overindulge a little, and with trick or treaters coming to the door to fill their sacks with chocolatey goodness, this is an area where you can really make a difference! Before buying chocolate/sweets/treats consider the company you are buying from. Many ethical confectionery companies sell their products in zero/reduced waste packaging and making the products themselves often has less of an impact on the environment. Not to mention their ethical standards towards cocoa farmers and workers! Consider also buying from local chocolate makers, or even making some treats yourself! If you’re after a Halloween cake or snack box, look to local companies or home businesses that will also often have limited packaging! They are often brilliant this time of year for doing special themed treat boxes! We also have a local weigh shop that sell sweets ready to be weighed into your own packaging!

The key message to take away from this – and these can be applied year round – is to ask yourself the following before buying anything: Can you source this is elsewhere/make it yourself? How will this effect the environment? Can I reuse/recycle this? Am I supporting the right people? We need to forget the “it’s just one item” or “it’s just a one off” or “I just couldn’t resist” or “it was much cheaper” and so on, because these attitudes if taken by everyone, build up to a big problem!

If we could all make these small changes, not just during celebrations and holidays, but year-round, it will all add up to big changes.

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