How To Have an Eco Friendly Easter

Updated: Apr 15

Updated 2022

Soon, those of us that celebrate, will be enjoying Easter weekend, sharing chocolate eggs, gifts, nice Easter Sunday lunches and any other traditions you might carry.

These traditions are lovely, of course, but it's always good to be conscious about the environment when celebrating any occasion. While the big chocolate companies seem to be making some effort to reduce the packaging in their eggs, the impacts can and do go beyond the plastic packaging in an egg.

Eco Easter Infograph Created by Ashleigh Nicole

Packaging -

Packing-wise, around 3000 tonnes of plastic are created for Easter Eggs alone. That's not accounting for packing used to ship the eggs, or materials used for plastic toys that might come in the eggs, not to mention other Easter related chocolates, toys, decorations, and so on.

Palm Oil -

Palm oil is a HUGE issue, and its found in so much, makes it really hard to avoid. An easy way to avoid is by buying palm oil free chocolate! Many of the top suppliers of chocolate use it, but there are loads of options out there that don't! Be sure to check the ingredients carefully, as it goes by many other names - here's a list to check - Palm Oil Names

Slave & Child labour -The environmental impact alone, most chocolate chains have slave and child labour in them, and that's really disgusting. Again, it's hard to know if we are buying from companies that use it, so its always good to research a brand first, when buying anything, and particularly in the chocolate trade, it's really hard to determine because the problem is that it's nearly impossible to trace. Again, the huge companies that we see every day on supermarkets appear to use it without a care in the world, and I can't get my head around it.

Other things to avoid - items coated glitter, Easter cards (send a text or an email, or call, whatever, but do you really need a card?!), buying toys when a bit of chocolate will do, making sure you aren't wasting food, and over buying... it's the same as all of the other holidays, really.

Buy what's needed, make what you can, and research who you're buying from!

I don't have a list of alternative companies to buy from, but I will be sharing any that I find on my social media pages, and hopefully next year I will have a reliable list! I also hope that by next year, I will be making some small Easter themed products, so watch this space!

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