Hell House

Title - Hell House

Author - Richard Matheson

Page Count - 304

Read Dates - 11/04/21-22/04/21

Synopsis - Four people are summoned to stay in Hell House, a supposedly haunted house, to try and determine if there is such thing as an afterlife. Throughout the course of their stay, the group is pushed to the limit, with devastating consequences.

My thoughts - This wasn't really as scary as I was expecting, I thought it would be a chilling haunted house story, but in actual fact, it was a disturbing story. So when it wasn't scary, that doesn't mean it's not unsettling, there were many times that I found myself cringing away from the pages.

I've found myself actually wondering if it was even banned, although I've not been able to find anything to suggest it was, I do find myself wondering how that can be possible.

The story itself is good, and it is gripping in places, I did find myself wondering what was going to happen next, and which of the visitors would be proven correct.

Like so many books with such a big story with lots of twists and turns, I felt the ending, and the defeat of the bad guy was rushed.

My rating - 3/5

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