Dallas to New Orleans - Travel Review

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

So far on our journey I have written my blog whilst I’ve been on a coach or a train. It’s a good way to pass the time and it seems like the perfect time to do so because it’s the transition from one place to the next.

At this point, I’m sitting in a motel room not far from Love Field airport, Dallas. It smells a bit like feet and there is a questionable square plastic bucket in the corner that we assume is for ice, but we aren’t sure. Other than that it seems fine. There’s a bathroom, a flat screen TV, a desk, a bed and air con that actually works. Trust me, that last part is important because Dallas is VERY humid today.

When I last wrote, we were en route to San Antonio and since then we’ve moved on to Dallas. In the morning we get an early flight to New Orleans!

We arrived at this motel a couple of hours ago and walked down the road to a sandwich shop and each had a sub (not from Subway) and some crisps, then walked back, got some vending machine snacks and are now just sitting in the room. The downside of a motel is that there aren’t a lot of options on what to do or where to go. The upside is that they are relatively cheap. It’s also another thing we can tick off the American experience! We’ve mostly got food ticked off, as well as a couple of other experience. Here are a few examples of such thing…

1.Taco Bell

2. Greyhound bus


4. Butterfinger bar

5. Copious amount of root beer

6. A takeout slice of apple pie

8. A motel

9. Twizzlers

So that’s just a few things, I don’t want to spoil too much for the bigger blog I plan to write once we’re home.

Let’s move on to the main event, shall we?

Texas. What can I say about Texas? I didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t book many days here, mainly because there didn’t appear to be that much to do. Boy were we wrong! We definitely would have stayed longer in both San Antonio and Dallas. The guidebooks don’t give either places enough credit. Its been a truly fantastic experience.

We arrived in San Antonio at around 5am, straight off the train and into the hotel. We were knackered and they were very accommodating. We spent a good amount of the morning unsurprisingly passed out. Then we discovered that everything was in walking distance, and that it was a really beautiful, pleasant place to be. We met a lot of friendly people. The streets and the architecture were just so different from what we had previously seen. It was really lovely.We stayed in a Best Western hotel, mainly so we could be properly refreshed after being on a train for 31 hours. It was  great choice!

My highlight was the Riverwalk. It’s really beautiful and we went to a really romantic place called Esquire and had the best food. It was honestly one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten. (The big red empanada followed by the fried apple pie!)

It was a 5 hour bus ride to Dallas the next day, which we have a very similar opinion of. It’s a bit more industrial, there are a lot more high-rise buildings but it has so much history to it. It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go since I first read Stephen King’s 11.22.63, a fictional book about the Kennedy assassination.

This book fueled an interest that I already had and so we went to Dallas and Dealey Plaza and the sixth floor museum, which really brought the book to life but also made us realize the magnitude of what happened that day. It was a pretty moving experience.

San Antonio and Dallas were both amazing places. We really enjoyed it and wouldn’t have minded maybe an extra day in one or the other. It’s somewhere we will revisit in the future.

A little side note… whilst we’ve been here my husband has introduced me to The American Office.  A couple of places have had Netflix and after a long day of walking about, it’s nice to just relax and watch something. I thought I would hate it but I can’t help but love it. I love Jim and how he constantly teases everyone, especially Dwight. I love the pranks he pulls on him, they’re hilarious. He’s like an office imp, instead of a forest one. I kind of hate Michael about 50% of the time though. And I did hate Dwight but I sort of love him now too. I must admit, Creed freaks me out a little… like he scares me a little haha! The beauty of it is that each episode is only about half an hour, so it fits in easy and because not everywhere offers Netflix, we don’t just sit around watching it. Not that we would of course… there is too much to see for that!

We’re excited for New Orleans. It’s another place neither of us have been but have wanted to go for some time now. Bring on the jazz, the booze and the voodoo…

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