Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets - Product Review

I was recently gifted a box of Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets to try out! Laundry sheets are something I've wanted to try for a little while now, so this kind offer came at a good time!

They sent me a box of 60 Fresh scent sheets, which arrived promptly. Upon opening them, I was very impressed at how compact the box was - they're huge space saver! I was super excited to use them. I did notice that the fresh scent appeared quite strong - I could smell it through the packaging - and I quite quickly came up with a list of questions for the company, which I'll share later on in this post.

As well as saving space, the laundry sheets reduce unnecessary plastic packaging and reduce harmful chemicals being released into the environment. You simply pop a sheet into your machine, and away you go -they can be used in all machines in place of powders and capsules, and they can also be used to hand wash.

To test the sheets out, I initially washed a load of towels, and once I was convinced that they worked well, I started using them on everything but the kid's clothes, and the nappies (our daughter has eczema and I know that our normal washing powder doesn't aggravate it, I don't plan to try to use anything else to wash their clothes in case it flares up)

I was pleased with how well the sheets dissolved, and feel like they clean our clothes well. I was also very happy to see that the fresh scent doesn't appear to transfer onto the clothes. It's very a very strong smell, and as we use unscented laundry power normally, I was a bit concerned about this.

The only issue I've really found with using them is that there have been two occasions where the sheet hasn't fully dissolved and has left a lot of residue in the washing machine drawer.

The packaging is compact, but there isn't a lot of information about the actual product on it beyond how its meant to be used, so I sent a couple of questions over to the company, and I'd like to share what I've learned so I can off you the best review possible.

  1. What is the fresh scent? This question wasn't answered, beyond being told that some people like it, and some don't. I wanted to know specifically what it's meant to smell like, and ideally what is put in the product to make it smell. It doesn't smell like anything recognizable, and while it is a pleasant smell, we would usually opt for unscented.

  2. What are the ingredients - I was sent a link to the list of ingredients on the website, and advised that they aren't 100% sustainable. I was then also sent a list of things the company does to offset carbon, and doing their best for the planet such as tree planting and reducing plastic waste. I did google all of the ingredients and found that a few of them are harmful to the environment, and can cause skin irritations.

  3. Can you expand on the sheets being ethically sourced in Asia? The response to this is that it's a lengthy explanation that I don't need to share. I had my concerns about this but unfortunately can't provide more information.

  4. Do you offset the carbon from having them transported from Asia? Yes, we do, is the response I got.

  5. What is the packaging made of and why have you opted for biodegradable over compostable? Our packaging is 100% biodegradable. Given the small size and the limited resources of our company, biodegradable is the way to go for now. However, like we said we are proud of our brand in effectively fighting for plastic waste and not a perfectly sustainable product. This seems a reasonable answer, however, I feel like the packaging feels very plastic-based. It says on the website that it's cardboard and will biodegrade in 3 months depending on the environment. However, where this process is described it also says you can recycle if you don't want to compost. It features a video of it being buried in the soil. Composting and biodegrading are different processes. This terminology being confused is also a slight concern because if an item is put through the wrong process, it can very damaging for the environment.

Overall, I think these sheets a good, and they certainly reduce wasteful packaging. The company seems very friendly and clearly does have the environment in mind. They cost £15 which is about 25p per wash. My overall impression however is that this isn't the best product for those wanting to make a big change. We buy Aldi's own brand washing powder, which has similar ingredients and comes in a big cardboard box with no plastic at all. While I'm not suggesting this is an environmental alternative, I have to wonder why it's better to buy these sheets, when they are sourced in China and have some damaging here ingredients. I do appreciate that there will be some instances where a company can't be fully sustainable - an important part of the message that many of us Eco-conscious folk try to spread is that it's not about being perfectly sustainable, and making the changes that are appropriate to us, however, I do believe there are better ways to make laundry kinder to the environment.

I am on the lookout for alternative options and have seen some online, however, at this moment I don't want to share any of these details because I've not tried them yet.

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