Carrie - Book Review

Title - Carrie

Author - Stephen King

Page Count - 253

Read Dates - 7.04.20-15.04.52

Synopsis - Carrie, an unpopular teen in high school, is pushed too far and unleashes her telekinetic powers on the town that has mistreated her, her entire life during the prom night from hell.

Stephen King's Carrie. The cover has a white background, with a silhouetted couple and the name of the author in big letters
Carrie - Photo credit - Ashleigh Nicole

May contain spoilers

Carrie White has always unfairly been seen as the monster, but really she's just an innocent girl who's picked on because she's a bit different.

I first read Carrie when I was about sixteen I think. I'd seen the movie already. This was the first Stephen King book I ever read, and so when It came out of my re-read jar, I was quite excited. Thirteen years later, with a lot more Stephen King experience under my belt, I was very disappointed by the end of the book. I actually skimmed a couple of pages, as I found it so dull.

It's his first-ever published book, and as with every author, not every book he's ever written is amazing (I'm also not a fan of Misery) so I think I can be forgiven for not loving it the second time around.

While the general story is good, and the premise of the monster not really being the monster is one I often enjoy, the writing itself isn't of the standard I am used to reading where King is concerned, and the characters are all unlovable. I know we aren't meant to love them, but even Carrie, while she's easy to feel sorry for, falls a bit flat.

Rating - 2/5

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