Cala Blava, Majorca - Travel Review

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We recently stayed at the Vita Delta located in Cala Blava, Majorca.

Let’s start with an overall look at the hotel. If you want a purely relaxing, lying-by-the-pool for a week holiday, then this is great. There’s nothing really nearby however you can book excursions and day trips at reception and there is a bus stop just outside of the hotel, but there isn’t so much as a nightclub strip or a local beach nearby! It was great for us – I’ve never been so relaxed! The hotel offers 3 pools – a small outdoor just next to the hotel bar and entertainment, that seems more for kids; a slightly bigger outdoor up above “The Roof Terrace” pool, with it’s own bar, next to a games room that seems more for grown ups and an indoor pool which took some finding. Head past the lifts on the ground floor, and there is door next to the computer lounge. That leads to the gym, salon and pool. We never used the indoor pool, we just had a look. It does look nice, and great if you just want to do a few quiet laps! Our favorite pool was the roof terrace pool. With better views, an outdoor bar, closer toilets and less kids, it was a great way to relax!

We were half board so we got breakfast and tea in their dining room. They were buffet style meals with plenty to choose from. Most mornings, it was combination of a cooked breakfast – I didn’t sample this, but my boyfriend had eggs and beans on toast most mornings – which occasionally changed an item, such as adding churos in, or changing the type of sausages i.e cocktail sausage or chorizo sausage. There were a range of cereals, meats, cheeses, fruit and pastry and some drink machines where you could get water, juice or hot drinks. I opted for pastries and fruits most mornings with a coffee. Very tasty! On the evenings, there were choices of hot meals, salad, soups, cured meats and cheeses and desserts. You ordered and paid for drinks. It was usually a case of pasta, meat or fish for mains and desserts ranged from tarts to cakes.

It was nice having a drink at the bar, there was a wide range of branded drinks to choose from and some tasty – strong – cocktails! The lager is Estrella, which I found very easy to drink. All of the spirits were branded and the cocktails were pretty much familiar. I sampled the Mimosa, Sangria and Pina Colada!

There were various other facilities in the hotel – a mini golf course, tennis court, activities and games with the reps, nightly entertainment, a TV room, a computer room, a luggage room, toilets with showers near the pools, and much more. The hotel is big, with plenty of places to sit and relax! Attached to the hotel is small shop that sells newspapers and various other things like pool toys. You can also rent those from reception.

I was very impressed with our room. I read a few bad reviews of them online but it was great! Spacious, with a balcony over looking the golf course, en suite with a hairdryer, a TV, a couch and little table, dressing table, huge wardrobes and drawers, spare pillows and blankets, a phone and air con, what more could we really ask for?! It was clean and had black out curtains, a table and chairs on the balcony, plus a washing line. The only complaint we have is that we were told to make use of the mini fridge, which we intended to – beer, lunch time snacks etc – only to find that the space below the TV that looked perfect for a fridge, was an empty cupboard. Not to worry though, after a day and a half of asking, we finally got a slightly cooler than room temperature fridge installed. It kept our food and beer coolish, and was at no extra charge. There are plenty of plug sockets and lights in the room.

Something that I really loved was the privacy of the rooms. I’m assuming that this was the same for all of them, but with ours we had our own little hall way. I’ve never stayed in a hotel – even when we stayed in an self catering apartment with kitchenette and living area, the door opened right into the room – that had something like this. You could close off the hallway, and be separate from the floor that you were on. Our wardrobes were inside this little hallway so it really was like having a separate room. It felt nice. We have stayed in a hotel before where someone has walked into our room, thinking it was theirs. Plus it means you don’t really hear any noise from any of your neighbors! Even inside of the room, you don’t get much coming through from the other rooms.

They were very clean, and it was a very nice place to go back to after of swimming, or to watch a film on a night if you didn’t fancy the entertainment.

The hotel offers free WiFi, which can be accessed in the rooms – although occasionally the signal was a bit poor. The room is supplied with glasses, soap, shampoo, shower gel, towels and a hairdryer. You can get safe keys from reception.

The evenings entertainment wasn’t always great, but the atmosphere was always very pleasant and it stayed warm all night so it was still nice to sit down and have a few drinks of an evening.

Outside of the hotel there wasn’t a great deal going on. There is a hotel next door, and it’s located in the middle of loads of houses. Something we didn’t realize though is that just around the corner from the hotel there is a strip of shops, bars and restaurants. We didn’t realize till three days before going home. It’s nice place to go for a few drinks or a meal. We were even meant to take a look at the shops on our last day, but I was really ill. I’m not sure if that was a bug or heat stroke or dehydration or what. I’m going to rule out food poisoning from the hotel and I doubt it came from the restaurant we ate at the night before because my boyfriend was fine. So stay hydrated and maybe invest in some travel probiotics! Always a good idea when you’re abroad. Anyway, if you’re looking for something different, but don’t want to go on the bus to Palma, I’d go here. It’s a short walk, and upstairs there is a lovely bar and restaurant that specializes in burgers! Delicious! It’s called Dimmocks.

There is a Sea Club called Mhares Sea Club. We went there one day, it was about a 20 minute walk. This isn’t a beach club, and children aren’t allowed in. You have to buy tickets, which from the hotel, which were 15 euros each. I was under the misconception that they were cheaper from something I had read online. If you’re going, and I recommend that you do – go with the intention to be there for as long as possible. It’s expensive so it’s not just an hour or so activity in my opinion. There is a pool, you get loungers and towels, with parasols. At an extra charge you can hire a canopy bed over looking the sea. The views are amazing. There’s a restaurant and bar. We didn’t eat there although I would have loved to. The drinks are icy cold and not much more expensive than the hotel bar. You have access to a beautiful sea cove – not on a beach – and there is a guy with a little hut that offers massages. The toilets are nice and clean and the sun loungers are really comfortable. The views are amazing! It’s a pretty fancy place, and it’s beautiful. It’s a lot of money to just go and lie by a pool, so I would take a bit of extra money and enjoy it as much as you can.

There is a local Mercadonna, inside of a shopping center that looked mostly like it was shut down. The Mercadonna is big though and has a lot to offer.

We also had a day out to Palma Aquarium. You can book tickets at the front desk, and the bus is free! It was a fun fay, and we even had a enough time to go down to the beach before we were picked up!*

All in all, this was a great, relaxing holiday. I’d give the hotel 4 stars easily, and definitely recommend it! I hope you have as much fun as we did!

*At this point in time, while I am doing some editing of past blogs, I would like to note that I no longer always agree with aquariums unless they are involved in projects to protect endangered species. Based on the photos I have, looking back I don't think I would recommend it again, however I couldn't give a full review based on the current conditions as I have only been once.

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