Bird Box - Book Review

Title - Bird Box

Author - Josh Malerman

Page Count - 387

Read Dates - 1/04/21-11/04/21

Synopsis - When the world is plagued by an unforeseen force that causes you to destroy yourself and those around you if you see it, pregnant Malory finds herself surviving in a house full of strangers. When things go horribly wrong, Malory is forced to leave on a dangerous journey down a river with no idea if the place she is going to is safe, or even exists - she's also blindfolded, with two children to keep safe, who are also blindfolded.

My thoughts - This is another one that was added to my shelf because I saw the adaptation first and enjoyed it, so thought I'd try the book. This was a smart move, and after reading it, I re-watched the adaptation but didn't enjoy it as much. I'm not here to talk about that though, just the book.

I thought this was very tense, very well written, and at times very graphic. As a mother, there were certain parts, particularly the labour sequence, I found hard to read. I could almost feel the pain as Malorie's walked around the house, cradling the babies, her insides basically falling out of her (let's face it, that happens after birth) all while blindfolded.

I felt a very good sense of Marorie's fears surrounding the children. I enjoyed the relationships between the characters, and never quite knowing if the creatures were there.

I am pleased that Malorie and Tom's relationship remained friendly and didn't progress to a romantic one. All in all, it was a fantastic read.

My rating - 5/5

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