Before The Coffee Gets Cold - Book Review

Title: Before The Coffee Gets Cold

Author: Tashikaza Kawaguchi

Page count: 213

Read dates: 6/08/20-21/08/20

Synopsis - In a cafe in Japan, 4 different people are linked together by their journeys into the past.

My thoughts - I really enjoyed the concept of this book. Safe time travel - you can revisit a moment in that cafe, but nothing will change, and you must return before the coffee gets cold, or else you will die and become a ghost - meaning you can get closure, insight, or perhaps reassurance.

The characters, while loveable are slightly annoying but you still feel for them in each of their plights.

The language is a bit strange, but I imagine that comes from the Japanese - English translation, which overall was very well done.

While it wasn't amazing, I did really enjoy it and I've since bought the second one.

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