Barter Books, Northumberland

Updated: Jan 9

I love searching for books in charity shops and second-hand stores, especially when we visit Northumberland every year for our wedding anniversary.

You can't visit Northumberland without a trip to Barter Books! A beautiful building that houses hundreds of beautiful second-hand books.

Wall art in Barter Books. A verse by Louis Macneice entitled To Posterity. Below are well lamps and books on sale.
Barter Books - Photo Credit Ashleigh Nicole

When I step through those doors, I feel like I could be stepping into the cemetery of forgotten books itself. The smell, the warmth, the sound of the train moving on its tracks above my head is enough to bring a thrill of excitement to my stomach.

I tread carefully as I wander through the stacks, my eyes darting from spine to spine searching for some hidden gem. Sometimes I leave with a huge pile of books, sometimes just a handful but I never leave empty-handed, and I always leave with a sense of joy and warmth from being there - and that's not just from standing in front of the roaring fire.

Books are such a huge part of my life. I might not be able to get through stacks and stacks of them but I constantly have at least two books on the go. I find that I gravitate towards my bookshelves, just to look at them and sometimes touch the spines. It sounds weird, but they are such a comfort to me.

I'll read almost anything, horror being my favorite, closely followed by classic literature. I'm not one for romance novels or chick lit, and I don't often read non-fiction - although I do enjoy it.

The feeling I get walking through Barter Books is similar to the feeling I get reading a really brilliant novel, the sort that stays with you forever.

There's also a cafe, although we are yet to try this - who knows maybe this will be there year that we do!

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