Angels and Demons - Book Review

Title - Angels and Demons

Author - Dan Brown

Page Count - 736

Read Dates - 19/06/21-10/07/21

Synopsis - Robert Langdon is summoned to CERN where a terrible murder has taken place. The head of CERN asks Langdon to help him solve the crime, a task that takes him and Vittoria Vetra on a trail through Rome, following the Path of Illumination in an attempt to stop a catastrophic event that threatens Vatican City and all of those around it.

My thoughts - Another re-read, I had read and really enjoyed this one quite a while ago. I love a mystery/thriller, the sort that has clues and riddles, and twists and turns.

Reading it a second time though, I realized that the writing quality isn't brilliant, and the twits can be a little too out there at times.

There's also a lot of waffle, where I would find myself thinking "just get on with it" so I don't think this is one I'll read again.

My rating - 3/5

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