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Hi! I'm Ashleigh!

I’m a writer based in the Northeast of England, and a mother to two beautiful children. I'm also the founder and creator of Sweet Sustainable Living Blog & Shop and let me tell you, we've come a long way on our journey! What started as a small blog about my general thoughts and musings has, with a little help from my friends, progressed into something so much more!

The Blog

The blog exists to share my experience of trying to live a sustainable, affordable “everyday” family life – with a particular focus on Eco-parenting. Why? Because I want the world to be a better place for my children, and all children, to grow up in.

Something key that I’ve learned on my journey so far, is that there are many ways to live a greener life and, even without access to high tech gadgets or expensive resources, we can each make a difference in our own way – and that’s a pretty empowering realization, don’t you think?

So, on this blog upon which you’ve gratefully stumbled, I’ll be sharing top tips for sustainable living, writing product reviews, and posting researched guidance to changes that can be made around the house. Just about everything I share on Sweet Sustainable Living comes from firsthand experience and, where it doesn’t, I’ll make that clear. 

Under the "Sweet Sustainable Living" link you'll be able to access product reviews, tips, and advice based on day-to-day life, easy Eco swaps, and having a more sustainable household. 

Under the "Sweet Sustainable Family" link you'll learn about our journey through parenthood, with sustainability always at the forefront of our minds, as well some candid real life parenting stories and advice.

I'll also provide you with book reviews, because who doesn't love to read? Check them out under the "Sweet Sustainable Library" heading. Want to provide us with a book review of your own? Drop us a message below via the contact form below!


When I'm not trying to save the world one plastic straw at a time, or stuffing cloth nappies, I also write short stories, film scripts and other writing projects, and very very occasionally, we travel! You can read about all of this which you can read all about under the "and then some" link on the menu.

The Shop

The shop is a way for me to combine and share some of my passions with the world - calm birth, creativity, and the environment! I'm making and selling Calm Birth Kits which complement hypnobirthing practices, and can be used even if you haven't studied it! I also sell handmade lavender pouches, and more stock will be coming soon! 

I am always looking for contributors, guest-bloggers, and the opportunity to do collaborations with other like-minded folk, so please contact me if this is something you would be interested in.

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